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NOW YOU SEE - solo exhibition by Huang Lip


Date/Time: 02 April 2009

Venue: Marina Mandarin Singapore, Level 5


Date: 8 May - 4 Jul 2010 (Sat - Sun)

Venue: Concourse, Esplanade


Following the successful exhibition of the hotel’s third artist-in-residence, Lin Bao Ling, the Marina Mandarin continues its collaboration with art consultancy Asian Art Options, to appoint its fourth Resident Artist – Huang Lip. Currently pursuing his honours degree in Fine Arts (Printmaking) in LASALLE College of the Arts, Lip is one of Singapore’s young rising stars, and gaining much recognition with the art community and collectors for his highly-bold highly-bold style and individualist voice.


Lip deals with the inner dialogue (random ideas, personal issues, memories etc) co-responding towards the visual form as well as juxtaposition of pastiche. He begins his works with no artistic concept in mind and leaving to the spontaneous decision or reflex of the moment. During his residency, Lip will be working on a series of monochromatic works based on fragmented images from magazines, movie stills and other sources then re-juxtaposing it into a whole new dimension. This forms an expression of the artist’s interest to present the quality of paints, transition of figures into paintings and paintings into emotions, as well as relationship between artist, art object and audience.


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