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Marina Mandarin Singapore engaged the services of AAO to further enhance its corporate branding as a Patron of the Arts. AAO worked closely with the hotel to develop its Artist-in-Residence program, and facilitated the program launch in 2006 with the introduction and selection of the artists.


AAO also developed special art events & exhibits beginning with the festive “Partridge in a Pink Pear Tree” exhibition in December 2005 and the sell-out Pop art exhibition "(M)emories & (M)ementoes" in May 2007. The collaboration continued with the 2007 launch of the hotel's highly successful Art Series OF mooncake boxes, WITH its first designed BY Singapore's award-winning Pop artist Justin Lee.




Application for the Artist-in-Residence Program:


Applicants must be:

1. Emerging Artist

2. Singaporean or Singaporean-based / Permanent Resident

3. Two-dimensional visual artists


Please send the following information to

1. Intent during the Residency

2. Artist Statement

3. CV

4. Portfolio of past and present artworks

5. Preferred residency period


Marina Mandarin Singapore

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