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Eu Yan Sang Corporate Collection



Eu Yang Sang Singapore recently completed a full-scale renovation of its Singapore headquarters on Tai Seng Drive. With a history of supporting local talent and heritage, the company appointed Asian Art Options to provide curatorial advisory for its corporate collection, which aims to support Singaporean artists.


The collections include artworks from Cultural Medallion artist Han Sai Por, Russel Wong, Tak Bak Chiang, Jason Lim, Jessie Lim, Victor Tan, Ng Joon Kiat, Terence Lin, Dyn, Betty Susiarjo, Xin Xiao Chang, Chris Yap, Yian Huang & Justin Lee. 




A ceramic diorama by Xin Xiao Chang

A tongue-in-cheek ceramic diorama by Xin Xiao Chang

"Topography of a Lust Atlas" - a stunning mixed media installation by Terence Lin

An evocative painting from the "Green Series: Nature, Borders, Space" by Singaporean artist Ng Joon Kiat

Photographs from the "Preserved Nature" series by Chris Yap 

A ceramic chandelier featuring 250 hand-made porcelain lotus flowers by award-winning artist Jason Lim.

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