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Esplanade Curatorial Exhibitions


Dreaming of Dreaming by Khalil Chishtee

Pakistan/ Rest of the World

Co-curated by Audrey Phng, Singapore


Date: 8 May - 4 Jul 2010 (Sat - Sun)

Venue: Concourse, Esplanade


Khalil Chishtee’s current sculptural work mimes the ubiquitous plastic rubbish bag in the unlikeliest ways. Using this robust yet slight material, he has created a series of ethereal figures suspended, almost floating in their exhibition space, yet formed with sculptural precision and great attention to detail.


Khalil’s work has been exhibited in the US, UK, Middle East and in Pakistan. The US-based artist claims he has no home.


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Credits: Audrey Phng is an art consultant / managing director of Asian Art Options, a company that provides art-related consultancy to private, corporate and institutional clients.


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